Honda Lawn Mowers: Very Smart

From features that save you time and money to technology designed to make mowing easier, Honda mowers are a very smart choice.

  • Simple, easy to use features
  • Money Saving features that can reduce your cost of ownership
  • Adaptable features for your personal preferences
  • Reliable features designed to provide years of superior performance
  • Time Saving features that reduce your mowing time

Honda engines Simple, easy to use features Reliable features designed to provide years of superior performance

Honda engines have long been recognized by the commercial landscaping and rental industries as the leader in providing reliable, quiet, fuel-efficient power.

  • Easy starting

    Advanced technology reduces the amount of effort needed to start the engine.

  • Durable

    Ask any pro - he'll tell you Honda engines are built to last. High quality materials and advanced design mean our engines are second to none.

  • A commitment to the environment

    Every Honda lawn mower meets the emissions regulations for all 50 states.

  • Ample power

    No matter which Honda mower you choose, you can feel confident it's got more than enough power to do the job.

Twin blades Money Saving features that can reduce your cost of ownership Time Saving features that reduce your mowing time

Honda mowers offer our exclusive twin blades. Twin blades offer a superior cut, which results in a better looking lawn. And twin blades cut the grass into smaller pieces, which means better mulching, better bagging performance, and a lot less work for you. Learn More

Honda exclusive technology

Honda mowers are renowned for groundbreaking innovations, including:

Details that make a difference

High quality, reliable products

There's a reason Honda has such a superb reputation for quality and durability: high quality materials and superior engineering.

And unlike other manufacturers, we don't just bolt on someone else's engine. Every component we use is designed specifically by us, for us. It's all Honda, and you can have confidence it will last.

Superior dealer network

Honda lawn mowers are backed by a comprehensive warranty and the best dealer network in the country. With nearly 4,000 authorized Honda dealers nationwide, finding a local dealer is easy. And getting the best in class service is never in doubt.

  • Parts and service support are readily available across the country
  • Our dealers offer trained staff ready to support you